Value Based, Principles-Driven Transformation, Coaching & Training Services built on the Cornerstone of Excellence!

Together, taking your practice beyond theory to design your blueprint of success.  Our promise to you is to maintain integrity through accuracy, honesty and trustworthiness.

We believe and adhere to through our 5 pillars of Innovation, Empathy, Inspiration, Luminosity, & Transformation.

Creating Your

At Cornerstone Agility Inc. – we know that not every transformation is created and executed the same.  We come to you to help your organization work to solve some of the biggest problems standing in your way to delivering value to your customer.  Through a targeted partnership, our success becomes your success.  Our passion is for people and our commitment is to quality delivered value.

Certification Training & Workshops

  • Build value & principle-based foundation
  • Educate on industry leading practices
  • Design & Launch your transformation
  • Establish key sponsorship and advocacy
  • Create a Culture of Servant Leadership
  • Understanding Progress before Perfection

AGILE Frameworks & Business Agility

  • Scaling Frameworks
  • Business Agility
  • Lean Strategy & Design Thinking

AGILE Roles, Events & Artifacts

  • Focus on “Nailing the Basics”
  • Scale in before Scaling out
  • Targeted Coaching & Facilitation

Our in-depth knowledge & expertise at work for you!

We are here to partner with you to bring industry-leading practices based on our experience supporting transformations globally.

Global Industry Knowledge

Financial Services

Experienced in supporting training and transformation facilitation for some of the largest Fortune 100 Financial Service Organizations globally.

Oil & Gas

In-depth, hands on experience helping support transformation activities, Scrum, and Agile training with some of the largest global energy companies.

Renewable Energy

We understand what’s fueling todays renewable energy platforms – from wind, solar, geothermal & beyond, we have you covered.


We know first-hand how to support customer need through dynamic products and services that must operate within highly regulated industries.

Risk & Compliance

Given today’s high risk, high compliance nature of some industries, we employ experts to help navigate these areas.

Strategy & Planning

Setting key objectives and setting a plan to achieve them is what we do best.  Let us help you achieve success!


Being the market leader isn’t good enough in today’s global economy.  We know it takes more to deliver on a global scale.


With experience supporting global airlines, car rental companies and major hotel chains, our expertise is unmatched.


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What We Do

Together, we will take your practice beyond theory to design your blueprint for success – our success is your success.

Our Promise

Maintain integrity through accuracy, honesty and trustworthiness as we guide, advise, and support your transformation journey!