Elisabeth White

Chief Experience Officer

I have over 15 years of professional experience working directly with senior, government, and diverse professional teams, co-located and globally distributed, to provide innovative and strategic business solutions built on the cornerstone of Agility. I'm currently focused on providing high-caliber Agile Thought Leadership through coaching, training and public speaking across the globe.

I'm extremely passionate about bridging communication and leadership gaps and building strong cross-functional relationships. My contagious personality and collaborative work ethic compliment many team and office environments.


Parker Stephenson

Chief Learning Officer

With a focus on organization & operational excellence, my objective is in taking your practice beyond theory to design a blueprint for your success. My promise to you is to maintain integrity through accuracy, honesty, and trustworthiness with the objective in supporting your transformation while meeting you where you're at on your journey.

My coaching approach is simple and transparent. I believe we are all served best with setting clear strategic themes supported by measurable Objectives with key results. I then want to focus on executing to a clear understanding that clear inputs support fact based outputs that we can then deliver value to tangible outcomes to the organization and customer.


Charlie Loulakis

Chief Growth Officer

I'm an Agile Transformation Coach and Tooling Specialist who helps clients delight their customers by continuously improving the way they deliver and organize around value. By leveraging agility practices tailored for specific client problems, my goal is to help them to accomplish the outcomes they desire by implementing strategies and work management tools that:

  • Rally people around strategic vision
  • Improve visibility into the work being done in your organization
  • Create a culture of continuous improvement
  • Effectively manage products
  • Increase alignment of team delivery to strategy
  • Help clients retain and delight their employees

I achieve these goals by helping clients of all size focus on:

  • OKR coaching and framework implementation
  • Scaling agile practices
  • Jira and Rally work item management strategies
  • Portfolio and executive coaching and management
  • Program identification, coaching and management
  • Team structure and execution