Training Services & Facilitation Workshops

Cornerstone Agility Inc. focuses on the value delivery of targeted training services & facilitation workshops.

Agile Foundations

Overview of the Agile Manifesto, Core Values,  Principles and Culture of Agility.

Facilitation Fundamentals

Overview of leading facilitation techniques including activities and simulations.

Agile Leadership

Advocacy, support and the role of an Agile Leader dedicated to transforming an organization.

Team Frameworks

Overview of frameworks that set teams up for success in delivering value in an organization.


Scaling Frameworks

Overview of leading frameworks that can support and sustain scaling Agile.

Advanced Facilitation

Tools & techniques that can be utilized for large room, high engagement or difficult situations. Training

Following the tenants of the Scrum Guide, we offer a host of courses with certification.

Scaled Agile Training

Delivering the training to help your organization to successfully Scale.