What Our Clients Say...

Curious about what our clients have said collaborating with us? Below are a few testimonials about our clients' experience.

“Cornerstone Agility has been instrumental in assisting my cloud technologies teams adopt SAFe within our enterprise environment. Cornerstone exhibits high quality standards of professionalism, knowledge, and passion in helping teams establish and grow transformation programs and agile culture. Cornerstone can also partner with other consultants, coalescing and stacking capabilities to increase the speed of adoption. I would recommend Cornerstone for any large organization that is beginning their Agile transformation or is well on their journey. Cornerstone has been a pleasure to work with.”

“The level of servant leadership, effective coaching, knowledge, and critical thinking coming out of their shop [Cornerstone Agility Inc.] is unmatched in the industry. I am forever grateful for the candid conversations, lessons, and their special way of transforming the mindsets of those who are open to change in their organizations.”

“Let me just say that the Cornerstone Agility team is one of the most powerful and influential I have come into contact with during my career journey to RTE… I was inspired to embrace agility as a mindset and take an active role in my learning, development, and growth.”