The world's leading technology infrastructure teams partner with Cornerstone Agility to help accelerate the adoption of new goals, strategic initiatives, and Agile processes.

I greatly appreciate all the positive change they were able to achieve during their time with us. I highly recommend Cornerstone Agility to any company seeking help in their Agile transformation!

VP – Fortune 500 Financial Services

They are expert Agilists who can help you navigate through the murkiest Agile transformations.

Director – Fortune 500 Financial Services

“Let me just say that the Cornerstone Agility team is one of the most powerful and influential I have come into contact with during my career journey to RTE… I was inspired to embrace agility as a mindset and take an active role in my learning, development, and growth.”

Release Train Engineer – Infrastructure

"Better prioritization of our work, a deeper understanding of the SAFe framework, and increased, effective communication can be attributed directly to the Cornerstone Agility team."

Executive Director – Fortune 500 Financial Services

"The Cornerstone Agility team was the breath of fresh air we needed on our company's Agile journey."

Director – Fortune 500 Financial Services

“Cornerstone Agility has been instrumental in assisting my cloud technologies teams adopt SAFe within our enterprise environment. Cornerstone exhibits high quality standards of professionalism, knowledge, and passion in helping teams establish and grow transformation programs and agile culture. Cornerstone can also partner with other consultants, coalescing and stacking capabilities to increase the speed of adoption. I would recommend Cornerstone for any large organization that is beginning their Agile transformation or is well on their journey. Cornerstone has been a pleasure to work with.”

Cloud Transformation Executive

“The level of servant leadership, effective coaching, knowledge, and critical thinking coming out of their shop [Cornerstone Agility Inc.] is unmatched in the industry. I am forever grateful for the candid conversations, lessons, and their special way of transforming the mindsets of those who are open to change in their organizations.”

Fortune 500 – Infrastructure

Nothing Is
More Important.

Than investing in the health and success of your people.
If your teams aren’t happy and operating at peak efficiency, what else really matters? You go further, faster when everyone is aligned, empowered and enabled.
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Let's Address the
Elephants in the Room.

Because they’re loud and obnoxious.
Agile is now pervasive within software and product teams, infrastructure teams have been slower to adopt this game-changing delivery methodology due to a couple of nagging myths.
Myth #1: Agile
doesn’t work in Infrastructure.


Sequential work flows naturally through many Agile frameworks. Kanban was created specifically with sequential work in mind!
Myth #2: Infrastructure
work is sequential in nature so only Waterfall can support it.


How do you know? You’ve never tried! Just because Agile was born from Software Development doesn’t mean it can’t work for all types of work. Don’t knock it till you try it!

If Agile doesn’t work in Infrastructure, then Infrastructure must never change.
Myth #3: Infrastructure
has too many moving pieces for Agile to work.


The more complex, the more critical Agile becomes. Transparency and visibility into the complexity is a freebie with Agile frameworks!
Myth #4: Infrastructure
is project-based. It requires Project Managers.


Infrastructure is the backbone of every organization’s systems. Infrastructure is in support of every product and solution within the company. Why treat it differently? Why put it on an island? Don’t segregate… COLLABORATE! Don’t.

And Now the Good Stuff.

Agile Infrastructure teams are happier, more productive and positive.

Everyone All-In.
If your team members or leaders are not fully committed to the Agile mindset and practices, your Transformation is likely to struggle. To turn it around, focus on building buy-in through education, communication, and leading by example.
Customer-Centricity Drives Everything.
If your Agile teams are not focused on delivering value to the customer, your Transformation is likely to fail. To turn it around, focus on putting the customer at the center of your Agile processes and practices.
Row in One Direction. And Only One.
If your Agile teams are not aligned with your organization's goals and objectives, your Transformation is unlikely to succeed. To turn it around, focus on creating a shared vision and purpose that connects your Agile teams with the broader goals of your organization.
Measure What Matters.
If your Agile teams are not transparent about their work and progress, it's hard to know if you're making progress or not. To turn it around, focus on improving transparency through regular status updates, demos, and retrospectives.
Better Everyday.
If your Agile teams are not constantly improving their processes and practices, your Transformation is likely to stagnate. To turn it around, focus on creating a culture of continuous improvement by encouraging experimentation, innovation, and learning.

Start Small. Or Go Big.

Moving forward is all that matters.
We meet you where you are at and help with your thorniest challenges.


When you need to turn the ship faster.

Accelerated Agile Adoption

When you need to ship faster.

Agile Leadership Development

Lead with Purpose. Lead Purposefully.

Smarter Product Management Strategies

Build the right things. Build them right.

Higher Performing

When everyone succeeds, you win.

Enterprise Tooling Strategies

Choose the right tools and ensure they're actually used correctly.

Grow One. Grow All.

They're all good options.

Individual Upskilling

Become a better
version of yourself.
Our Agile leadership training gives you the skills for enhancing advocacy, support, and the role of an Agile Leader dedicated to transforming your organization.

Team Transformation

Get everyone rowing in the same direction. And 10x faster.
Our comprehensive training, assessments and certifications deliver the skills and training to help build your team to new levels.


Unite the entire organization and move forward with unprecedented speed.
Change isn’t just about technology or processes - it’s about people. Our enterprise-wide transformation program combines Agile methodologies with change management principles to maximize efficiency, collaboration, and innovation across all departments.
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Highly Regulated?
Been there.
Supported that.

Our team has vast experience working in some of the largest organizations within the most regulated industries.
• Financial Services
• Credit Unions
• Insurance Products and Services
• Consumer and Commerical Banking
• Wealth Management and Investing
• Consumer Credit Cards

Ready when you are.

Don't let transformation be a roadblock to your success. Ready to get started?


Our subject-matter experts are excited to share their knowledge with you. Read our latest insights and check out our available resources on business agility, transformation, and Agile!

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