by the Cornerstone Agility Team | 2 Minute Read

In the age of virtual and hybrid work, the Agile Principles can still be applied to ensure success for teams and individuals alike. Agile emphasizes face-to-face interaction, but with more of our work being conducted on camera or from home, it is important to channel the Agile Principles in a different way. Here are some tips for applying the Agile Principles in a virtual working environment:

  1. Embrace Transparency: In a virtual team, it's important to be transparent about your work and progress. Use tools like Trello or JIRA to track your work and share updates with your team. This approach helps everyone stay on the same page and avoids miscommunications.
  2. Continue to Emphasize Continuous Improvement: Find ways to work with your team in a virtual environment that still emphasizes feedback and change. Whether through surveys or other means, find what works for your team to maintain its continuous improvement backlog.
  3. Prioritize Communication: Communication is key in a virtual team. Make sure to schedule regular team meetings and encourage open communication. Use video conferencing whenever possible to help build stronger connections and relationships with your team members.
  4. Focus on Deliverables: Agile frameworks like Scrum prioritize the delivery of working software or products. Virtual teams should do the same by focusing on deliverables and setting clear expectations for what needs to be accomplished.
  5. Build in Accountability: In a virtual team, it can be easy to lose sight of individual responsibilities. Build in accountability by using tools like Slack to check on progress and hold team members accountable for their work.
  6. Be Flexible: Agile frameworks emphasize adaptability and flexibility. Virtual teams should do the same by being open to change and adjusting their plans as needed. This approach helps the team stay nimble and responsive to changing circumstances.

By adopting the Agile mindset and using the frameworks, virtual and hybrid teams can overcome the unique challenges of working remotely and be successful. So, embrace transparency, continuously improve, prioritize communication, focus on deliverables, build in accountability, and be flexible – and watch your virtual team thrive! Make sure to regularly check-in with your team to ensure you are working together effectively, and if you want some support on building effective high-performing teams, reach out and let us know how we can help!

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